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Lar / 18D NLS / Revisão do MAIKONG Meta Hunter 4025 NLS

Revisão do MAIKONG Meta Hunter 4025 NLS

Revisão do MAIKONG Meta Hunter 4025 NLS
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    Among these, the Meta Hunter 4025 NLS by MAIKONG stands out as a cutting-edge device that offers comprehensive health analysis and therapy. In this detailed review, we’ll explore the features, functionalities, and benefits of this remarkable product.

    Metacaçador 4025 NLS

    Key Attributes and Specifications

    Let’s start by dissecting the key attributes and technical specifications of the Meta Hunter 4025 NLS:

    Nome do Produto: Metacaçador 4025 NLS

    Brand: MAIKONG

    Número do modelo: MK-H4025

    Lugar de origem: Guangdong, China

    Classificação do Instrumento: Classe I

    Tipo: Genes & Equipamentos para ciências biológicas

    garantia: 3 Anos

    Certification: CE, ROHS

    Uso: Personal/Clinic/Hospital

    Feature: Ecológico, Easy to Use, High Accuracy

    Funções adicionais: Chakra Scan and Healing

    Precisão da Pesquisa: Em volta 98%

    Sistema operacional: janelas 32/64 sistema de bits

    Detalhes da embalagem:

    • Each unit is packed in an aluminum box and then loaded into a three-layer corrugated box
    • O tamanho da unidade: 342615cm
    • Unidade de peso: 2.2KG
    • Package Size: 34X26X15 cm
    • Gross Weight: 3.000 kg

    Performance Analysis:

    • Store’s Order Volume: 130+
    • Store’s Sales Amount: $80,000+
    • Accuracy: 90%-96%
    • Organs List (Report): >800 Items
    • Common Standard Database: >19 Items
    • Disease Database: 886 Items
    • AURA and Chakras Analysis: Sim
    • Face & IRIS & Zodiac & Blood Type Analyze: Sim

    Parâmetros técnicos:

    • Frequency of Internal Generator: 4.9GHz
    • Average Time of Scanning: 2 Seconds
    • Genetic and Chromosomal Models Accuracy: 83%-93%
    • Number of Computer Graphic Models of Organs and Tissues: 1432
    • Number of Digitized Spectral Etalons of Preparations and Processes: 13933

    Embalagem e Entrega

    The Meta Hunter 4025 NLS comes meticulously packaged to ensure safe transportation and delivery. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Tamanho de pacote único: 35X28X15 CM
    • Peso Bruto Único: 3.5 KG
    • Embalagem: Export Standard Strong Wooden Box or Carton
    • Delivery Time: Within 3-5 Days After Payment Received
    • Shipping Company: dhl, UPS, TNT, FedEx, or Shipping Agent

    Operação e Análise

    The Meta Hunter 4025 NLS operates seamlessly with the MetapathiaGR Hunter software, providing comprehensive health analysis and therapy. Here’s an overview of its functionalities:

    • Measures and correlates changes in parameters with entropic potential
    • Transforms continuous signals into histograms for analysis
    • Accumulates and displays measurement results on PC monitor
    • Conducts computer nonlinear analysis in programmed or individual selection modes
    • Utilizes 3D scan function for automatic localization of issues
    • Performs ultra-structure researches on histological, cytological, and molecular levels
    • Generates comparative analysis for dynamic evaluation

    Serviço e Garantia

    MAIKONG Technology ensures top-notch service and a generous warranty for the Meta Hunter 4025 NLS:

    • Warranty Period: 3 Anos
    • After-sale Service: Online Technical Support
    • Service Response Time: Within 24 Hours

    Perguntas frequentes

    1. Do you offer OEM service for the Meta Hunter 4025 NLS?
      • Sim, we provide OEM service for quantity orders. Feel free to contact us for more details.
    2. What shipping methods do you support?
      • We support various shipping methods, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, e mais. Let us know your preference, and we’ll accommodate accordingly.
    3. Is software update included with the Meta Hunter 4025 NLS?
      • Sim, we provide free software updates for the lifetime of the product.

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