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Hjem / Jæger 4025 / New product Metatron Hunter 4025 NLS Analyzer

New product Metatron Hunter 4025 NLS Analyzer

New product Metatron Hunter 4025 NLS Analyzer
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Mærke navn:TONGQUAN
Model nummer:MK4025
Oprindelsessted:Guangdong, Kina (Fastland)
Category: New product Metatron Hunter 4025 NLS Analyzer
Sprog:engelsk ,tysk,Russisk
OS:vindue xp,vindue vista,win7,win8

New product Metatron Hunter 4025 NLS Analyzer



Description and Field of Application:

Telemetric nonlinear analysis data processing apparatus “Metatron”can be used for non-linear analysis of biological structures and testing of biologically active supplements. The apparatus can also be used in research centers and scientific research facilities.



Metapathia-GR Hunter-softwaren kan kun fungere med det telemetriske ikke-lineære analysedatabehandlingsapparat”Metatron” og dens efterfølgende ændringer. The telemetric nonlinear analysis data processing device is compatible with the IBM-type PCs and intended for studying reaction of a biological object to different types of the informational impact.


The minimum requirements that a compatible computer must have are:
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP;
Processor: at least 1 GHz Pentium III
Random access memory: 512 Mb;
Video card: SVGA High Color 1024×768 at least 8 Mb;
Printer (color);
At least 1 GB of free space on the hard drive;
Two USB ports;
Uninterruptible power supply


Operating principle and operational procedures:

The system operates according to the principle of the amplification of the initiating signal of disintegrating meta-stable structures. Affected by the external electromagnetic field, magnetic moments of molecular currents in the admixture centers of the cortex nerve cells, causes them to loose their original orientation. This result in misalignment of the spin structures of these delocalized electrons gives rise to unstable or meta-stable states within them. These disintegrating conditions then act as the initiating signal.


In terms of physics the apparatus is a system of electronic oscillations, which resonate at the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. With their energy being equal to the energy required to break down the dominant bands that maintain the structural organization of the biological object. The system enables the production of a preset bioelectrical activity of the brain neurons, and with this background activity, it becomes possible to selectively amplify signals, which before were
hardly detectable against the static fluctuations. The information about the specific temporary conditions of organs and tissues are then gathered on a non-contact basis by means of

atrigger-sensor”, developed with the aid of modern information technology and microcircuitry. The sensor detects faint signal fluctuations and selects them from the average statistical noise characteristics of the field and converts them to a digital sequence that is processed by a microprocessor,which is then transmitted to the computer through the interface cable.




The system is designed to diagnose one patient at a time. The operating cycle takes from 3 minutes to 1 hour.The system can run non-stop for 24 hours.The computer,according to the established program operates automatically in adjusting and controlling all information. The results of the patient’s diagnosis are displayed on the monitor screen and kept on a separate file on the hard disk. The information can then be transferred to an individual diskette for future use. The current information is displayed on the screen as required.


The results of the investigation can be printed out on a color printer with one to four pictures on an A4 sheet in the order selected by the doctor. While the test information and prescriptions can be printed separately.



The formResearchesallows to carry out computer nonlinear analysis in the mode of a programmed and (or) individual selection of the organs intended for researches.The main feature ofMetapatia-GR Huntersoftware is “3D scanfunction, which allows automatically localize the nidus where tumor and hereditary diseases appeared, find out the reason of appearance on genome level, passing one by one histological, cytological preparations, chromosomes and going deeper to the level of DNA molecule parts.


Optionsbutton shows additional buttons panel.


In theResearchesmode you measure the frankness of the destructive process at reference points standardly placed on the picture, the results being evaluated on six-point polychrome Fleinder’s scale which buttons are located in the lower right corner of the screen.


Scale point evaluation of the NLS-analysis results:
1. Level of decreased functional activity.
2. Level of optimal regulation.
3. Shift of characteristics toward a higher level, or stress state of the regulatory system.
4. A breakdown of the regulatory mechanisms.
5. Compensated disturbances of the adaptation mechanisms.
6. When the adaptive mechanisms become dysfunctional, pronounced pathological conditions occur.

Comparative analysis allows to dynamically evaluate (numerically) the outcomes of the performed correction, as well as in the condition of compensatory reactions of the system after vegetative testing of the drugs. The left picture characterizes the initial condition, the right onethat in dynamics of the effect, or after some time.

In the Ultra-structure mode histological,cytological and molecular researches are carried out. Moving the cursor over organ’s projection, you select the structure of your interest, which image and name appear on the right, and the cursor becomes a cross-hair. Clicking the left mouse button starts researches of a respective structure at the preset point. After the researches are completed an icon emerges on the organ’s image, which can be unfolded by clicking it with the left mouse button. On one and the same organ you can make several researches of ultra-structures with different localizations, gradually passing from microscopic sections to cytological preparation and molecular structures.

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