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metatron hunter 4027

What is metatron hunter 4027?

What is metatron hunter 4027?

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics introduces new version of “Metatron” with “metatron hunter 4027” software adapted for Eastern Asia markets.

While having all principal functions of “Metapathia GR Clinical” software “metatron hunter 4027” software includes some additional features:

In addition to Russian, English and German languages the new software supports Chinese and Japanese languages.
New section – “Traditional Chinese Medicine preparations” containing more than 600 etalons was added to “metatron hunter 4027” software.

Chinese medicine is technology for health resumption which contributed greatly into development of world medicine. The main distinctive feature of these traditional preparations which are used and perfected for thousand years is that they are made of natural components only. From the point of view of physiology Traditional Chinese Medicine preparations are more natural and thus safer and more helpful for human health than chemically synthesized drugs of the Western medicine.

For the first time the new software displays 14 Chinese meridians.

Altogether there are 12 pairs of main organ channels corresponding to 12 main organs of Traditional Chinese Medicine and 2 non-pair meridians on human body. All main channels are linked into one system. One transforms into another in strict succession with Chi flow. This live energy is distributed to the whole organism through the channels and unites all functional blocks of an organism.

Jing-luo is a teaching of 14 meridians; it is one of the main teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Jing-luo explains physiological functions and pathological changes of human organism and is used for diagnostics and treatment. It is also a basis for acupuncture. It is considered that function of a meridian is to ensure flow of Chi, support functional activity of organs and harmonize Yin and Yang in an organism.

In case of pathology changing of one organ’s function inevitably changes functioning of other organs, i.e. whole organism becomes involved into unhealthy process.

red_dragon2 red_dragon1

Etalons database of “metatron hunter 4027” software is extended by food products and dishes of Traditional Chinese cooking which are recommended for clinical nutrition.
Lithotherapy. The new software has spectrums of minerals and jewels. It allows to select a jewel for a person strictly individually in compliance with biological compatibility and carry out lythotherapy – treatment of an organism by mineral’s spectrum.

Special molecular composition of crystal structures provides energy impact to cellular and biomolecular systems of an organism. Some jewels may enter into specific harmonic resonance with certain parts of our organism. Vibrational energy is transferred to a certain molecular system and it harmonizes Yin and Yang, stabilizes biochemical processes, improves level of cellular structure, restores unhealthy organ and increases tendencies for recovery.

“metatron hunter 4027” software has feature of three-dimensional reconstruction of pictures on the basis of data acquired during multidimensional examination – study of hollow organs according to principle of “virtual NLS-scopy” by using of LAPP system (system of parallel processors of ultrahigh computing power and performance). Preparation of NLS pictures for visual analysis is fulfilled with help of 4-D Tissue original method invented by the Institute, that allows not only getting of virtual multidimensional pictures of anatomic structures, but also choose interesting biologic tissue – “additional dimension” and visualize bones, soft tissues and vessels simultaneously.

metatron hunter 4027

What is metatron hunter 4027 test 9 systems?

What is metatron hunter 4027 test 9 systems

Nervous System
Cardiovascular System
Digestive System
Musculoskeletal System
Respiratory System
Endocrine System
Urinary System
Reproductive System

metatron hunter 4027

WHAT IS metatron hunter 4027?

WHAT IS metatron hunter 4027?

New software “metatron hunter 4027” was created on the basis of “Metapathia GR Clinical” software and include all its features, etalons and functions.

In addition to features of the previous versions, new software version include a number of new 3D models in Full HD:

– Internal organs

– Skeleton

– Muscles

– Blood circulatory system

– Lymphatic system

– Nervous system

– Heart

– Cardiac chambers

– Cardiac vessels

– Cardiac conducting system

– Lungs

– Teeth

– External ear

– Chakras

– “metatron hunter 4027” software is mainly intended for South-Eastern Asia markets.

In addition to general for all model functions, it has the following possibilities:

– evaluation of body types;

– preparations of Traditional Chinese Medicine

– Chinese medicinal herbs and naturopathic preparations

– preparations produced by KoDa Pharmaceutical

– Chinese cuisine meals

New functions were added:

– “Wide Vision” – allows performing of segmentation, zooming and detailed reconstruction of separate studied anatomical structures. At the same time the studied object is moved to the center of a screen and other structures, preventing complete all-round visualization, are shaded.

– “Multi Vision” – allows getting of not only virtual multidimensional images of anatomical structures, but to highlight bones, soft tissues, vessels and nerves as well (four-dimension color-coded NLS-data). The advantage of this feature is acquiring of accurate image of topographic-anatomic interrelation of tissues, vessels and nerves of a studied region, which increases quality of image perception.

Also this feature allows quick, detailed and zoomed studying of separate anatomical structures, including tissues, vessels and nerves in 4D interactive rendering format.

The new software’s “Alternative diagnostics” section offers evaluation of 7 chakras on the Fleindler’s scale, in addition to evaluation of 14 Chinese meridians, auriculodiagnostics and iridodiagnostics.

Using 12-point Fleindler’s scale, these software versions allow evaluation of catabolic (Yin-related) processes, accompanied by absorption of information. These are proliferative and degenerative-proliferative processes (benign and malignant tumors, polyps, miomas, mastopathy), which were extremely difficultt to diagnose with devices of previous generations (“Metapathia GR Hunter”, “Metapathia GR Clinical”, “Red Dragon”).

Optional equipment and possibilities of new software for improved stereoscopic visualization of 3D models, allowing to create an immersion into investigation effect and provide a better understanding of diagnostics results by means of connection to any 3D screen with polarised glasses where organs model will be shown. The device shows on a TV screen a high-quality stereoscopic image of examined organs, therefore increasing visualization quality of examination results.

New software versions allow to identify six stages of an illness development: psychophysiological, energoinformational, neuroendocrine, endotoxic, symptomatic and terminal. At the first three stages an illness is considered easily curable, at the fourth – curable, at the fifth – hardly curable, at the sixth – incurable.

New generation of software supports Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese Traditional, Chinese simplified and Japanese languages.

metatron hunter 4027

metatron hunter 4027 PROFESSIONAL FREQUENCY ANALYSIS Packaging and accessories

metatron hunter 4027 PROFESSIONAL FREQUENCY ANALYSIS Packaging and accessories

The unit uses the Amazing Russian Vector Software

Main machine 1 pc
Headphone Sensor 1 pc
Blue USB cable 1 pc
High quality Black connecting Cable 2 pcs
Testing plate 1 pc
USB doogle for software 1 pc
USB software 1 pc
Aluminum Case 1 pc

metatron hunter 4027

What metatron hunter 4027 Features?

What metatron hunter 4027 Features?

Frequency Of Internal Generator – 4,9GHz
Average Time Of Scanning – 2 sec
Accuracy Of Researches: Anatomical structure 85-98% Histological models 85-90%
Genetic and chromosomal models 80-90%
Number Of Computer Graphic Models Of Organs And Tissues – 1432
Number Of Digitized Spectral Etalons Of Preparations And Processes – 13933

metatron hunter 4027

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